WES Evaluation for Indian Educational Documents

WES Evaluation

Canada is one of the most preferred countries by Indians for immigration. 4% of Canada’s population consists of Indians. Indians immigrate to Canada in search of better employment opportunities and higher studies. Most of them settle in Canada and become permanent residences. 

To immigrate to Canada, you are required to do a lot of documentation to apply for immigration and also has to submit them once you get invited for Canada PR. Among those, WES report is one of the important documents that you will require for getting a Canada immigration.  

Credential Evaluation for Canada Immigration

Credential evaluation helps you to get educational and employment opportunities in Canada. World Education Services [WES] Canada helps immigrants to give recognition to their previous studies through credential evaluation. 

WES evaluation is needed by Canadian authorities to understand your academic achievements. It helps them to get an insight into the education you gained from your home country. WES evaluation also helps to obtain professional licensing in Canada. 

WES Evaluation Process for Indian Educational Documents 

WES offers two types of WES evaluation for educational documents. They are course by course evaluation and document by document evaluation. Based on your purpose of Canada immigration, the type of evaluation is selected. 

Course by course evaluation provides more detailed information about your education along with its Canadian equivalent of your education. While document by document evaluation describes your credentials, including name, year awarded, the name of the institution attended, and major field of study along with the Canadian equivalents of each credential.

For WES evaluation, you are required to send your educational credentials after verification. Educational documents are verified from the universities where you completed your education. WES only accepts documents from recognised universities. WES accepts both consolidated transcripts and mark sheets. 

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