What is WES Evaluation

Anyone who is planning to migrate to Canada might have heard about ‘WES evaluation’, ‘credential evaluation’ etc. You might have wondered what WES evaluation is and why is it required for migrating to Canada? 

WES evaluation is an important process in Canada immigration. You can also say that WES evaluation is your passport to a better career in Canada. It is one of the important criteria that one needs to fulfil for migrating to Canada. WES evaluation report is required for getting a job or admission in Canadian universities and schools.

Canada WES Evaluation

WES or World Education Services is a non-profit organization that helps students and professionals who are planning to immigrate to Canada or the US with the credentials assessment for the education they gained outside Canada or the US. WES compares the education you gained from your home country with that of the education system of Canada or the US.

WES evaluation report describes each degree, diploma that you have gained and states its academic equivalency in Canada. It helps employers, academic institutions and licensing boards in Canada to understand your credentials. WES offers two types of evaluation:

  • Course by Course Evaluation – It is more suitable for applying for universities, schools and professional licensing board. It provides more detailed information about your education.

  • Document by Document evaluation – It contains a description of your credentials, including name, year awarded, the name of the institution attended, and major field of study along with the Canadian equivalents of each credential.

Importance of WES Evaluation

WES evaluation helps to make your career choices easy for you. If you are a student who is planning to study in Canada, WES evaluation can help you to apply in the right colleges based on your credentials. It helps you to show how the education you gained in your home country is viewed in Canada. Wes evaluation also helps you to find the right job in Canada based on your education.

We assist you to get university verification from the universities you completed your education for completing the WES evaluation. To know more about WES evaluation, please contact +91 9544420333, +91 9544420666

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