Why University Transcript is Important for WES Attestation

University Transcript and WES attestation

Every year, lots of people migrate to other foreign countries in search of better job opportunities and for education. Canada is one of the favourite destinations of immigrants. It has become one of the best immigrant destinations owing to its better living conditions and immigrant-friendly rules. There are different paperwork and processes that one needs to complete for immigrating to Canada. WES verification is one of the important processes to authenticate your credentials for employment and education purposes.

For completing the WES credential evaluation, you are required to submit for university verification from the university where you completed your education. It is only required if you have completed your education outside Canada. University transcript is mandatory for doing university verification.

What is Transcript

University transcript is the official documentation of a student’s permanent academic record. Unlike the mark sheets, a university transcript records all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received and degree conferred to a student.

Importance of University Transcript in WES Attestation

For completing the WES evaluation, everyone is required to get university verification from their respective universities. While applying for university verification, you need to provide transcripts for verification rather than mark sheets. University verification is done by the authorized authority or the registrar on the official transcripts with a seal and signature. Other than that, transcripts are usually required when you apply for a job or for getting admission in foreign schools or universities.

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