wes evaluation

WES evaluation is the most crucial process for anyone who is dreaming about doing higher studies or getting a job in Canada. The main objective behind the WES credential assessment is to compare the education you gained from your home country to that of the education standards in Canada. Without a WES credential report, it is not possible to immigrate to Canada.


What is WES Evaluation?

WES evaluation is the process of evaluating the educational credentials you gained from your home country and award with its Canadian equivalent. It helps to give more recognition to your credentials in Canada.

WES Evaluation For Canada

All academic institutions, licensing bodies and immigration authorities in Canada accept WES report. WES report verifies the authenticity of your credentials. The report identifies and describes your credentials. The employers and institutions in Canada may not be familiar with the education system in your home country. That being the case, a WES report can help them to familiarize with the education you gained outside Canada. It also proves that you are qualified for the position or the admission you applied for.

You have to do the Canada WES assessment process after applying for a suitable immigration program. After submitting the verified documents, it will take 35 business days for Educational Credential Assessment [ECA] for Canada immigration process.

University Transcripts For WES Evaluation

University transcript or wes transcript process is a mandatory requirement for doing WES verification. It is required for educational documents issued outside Canada. For the WES verification process, you are required to submit only the educational documents verified from the respective universities.

Educational documents are verified by the universities where you completed your education. WES World Education Services Canada only accepts educational document verification from duly authorized and recognised institutions. It accepts consolidated transcripts from university and yearly mark sheets from recognized and authorized institutions, which also accepts research based programs.


What We Do?

As a trusted WES university transcripts service provider, we can help students and professionals to do the degree certificate verification process from the reputed universities and educational institutions in India.

We can help you with the wes credential evaluation service for Canada immigration and we will also assist you in completing the transcript evaluation process from the universities or school where you completed your education.


What are the Documents Required for WES evaluation?

You will require certain documents for completing the WES verification. They are 

  • Copy of Degree certificate
  • Copy of Mark sheets and transcript


WES Evaluation Fee

The basic evaluation fee is $347. The cost may vary depending on the universities.